Public appearances

Among many my expertise consists of a wide range of themes from accessibility, activism, agender experiences, community building and community education, everything rainbow related, human rights, norm awareness, queer arts and culture, social media, youth work and many violence related themes to mention a few. I receive a lot of invitations to participate, contribute to or host various events in the wide field of the human rights sector. Unfortunately I cannot say yes to everything, but here is a selection of where I have participated. I’m always open for suggestions and new ideas.


The Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare (THL) Equality theme days (Tasa-arvopäivät) in Helsinki. “Tulevan hallituskauden tavoitteet: mistä uusi vaihde sukupuolten tasa-arvon edistämiseen?” A panel discussion of how to further gender equality. A video recording of the panel on Youtube can be found here.

Oulu Pride: A discussion on equality in the City Library. Full list of participants here.

Host of “Faces of LGBTQ+ Activism” discussion event on behalf The International Comittee of Seta during Helsinki Pride. A participatory discussion on the dreams and realities of LGBTIQ+ human rights defenders from different global contexts. Read more.

Rainbow literature and writing themed panel discussion partaker during the Youth Pride of Helsinki Pride.


Helsinki Book Fair panel discussion titled Rohkeinta on rakastaa itseään, the bravest is to love oneself. Event link. A photograph from the event on Instagram by bookishteaparty.

Turku Pride, Party In The Park speaker. A speech of the history of Pride and the importance of anti-racism in the Pride movement.

ABOAGORA symposium “NGOLGBTIQ – Activism & History” on the development of the rights & identities of sexual & gender minorities. A speech and panel discussion.

On the streets, at home, online – safe International Women’s day seminar on violence against women arranged by the Finnish Foreign Ministry, The National Council of Women of Finland, Women’s Line, and the Women’s network of the Finnish Parliament. Commenting speaker. More here.

An original speech for Speech Karaoke. The speech was held at Lavaklubi, Helsinki.


The (Finnish) Human Rights League’s International seminar: Hate speech – What is it and how is it tackled? Representing the targeted minority groups. Link to the event recordings.

“Tästä saa puhua!” A seminar on disinformation and hate speech hosted by The Finnish Society on Media Education, The Finnish Youth Co-operation – Allianssi and Plan International’s Finnish Section. Participating the seminar finale talk show on the topic “you are allowed to discuss this” (tästä saa puhua).

The Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare (THL) Equality theme seminar. “Diversity” panel discussion partaker in as both an agender person and a SOGI expert, vice chair of Seta – LGBTI Rights In Finland. Link to the video.

Ateneum Art Museum goes Pride, discussion: The plurality of gender in arts. Read more here.


EuroPride in Oslo. Pride House discussion event on workplace inclusion in the Nordic countries.